Todd Griffin

Todd Griffin

Director of Science

Todd received his B.S. in chemistry and mathematics from Wingate University and M.S. in analytical chemistry from Indiana University. Todd loved his time at Wingate so much that he worked there for many years. He held the position of adjunct faculty, lab manager and safety officer, and senior research scientist at their school of pharmacy.

Todd’s impressive resume includes many other positions. He’s worked as the director of research and engineering at Chemring Detection Systems and the senior manager in research and development for General Dynamics. He also worked at the Naval Surface Warfare Center as the chief scientist in the Crane Division. All of this led to Todd co-founding G2 Analytical with his daughter, Veronica.

Todd’s passion for his work led to him being featured in over 50 publications and conferences both nationally and internationally. He has been issued seven patents. Todd’s also worked as a consultant for Fortune 100 Technology Companies. Todd is a member of many organizations including the American Chemical Society, the American Society for Naval Engineers, and American Standards for Testing Materials.

In his spare time, Todd loves music, whether he’s singing, listening, or attending live music events. He also enjoys watching UNC basketball and cooking. If Todd were an animal, he would be a Griffin, of course! This would give him the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. It would be the perfect combination of wisdom and majesty. The Griffin is also considered a protector of treasures—that’s exactly how Todd feels about protecting his family.