Isaac Montanya

Chief Executive Officer

Isaac has always had a passion for start-ups and innovation. Because of his dedication and ingenuity, he’s been able to mobilize resources to small business activities that wouldn’t exist without him. He has a knack for creating efficient business models that are centered around cutting-edge technology.

Isaac’s magic touch has led to him co-founding many lucrative start-ups. These ventures include Stand Alone Digital, LLC, Innovative Lighting Technologies, and Topright USA. His start-ups have focused on everything from digital advertising to lighting technology. No matter what the venture is, Isaac does everything he can to make them succeed.

Before Isaac started creating all these start-ups, he worked as an IT project manager for the Vanguard Group. He’s also a Navy veteran.

In his downtime, Isaac loves spending time with his wife and six kids. Some of his other passions include music and traveling. He even spent eight months traveling back and forth from China for business. His love of lifelong learning is evident in his desire to read everything he can get his hands on.

Isaac’s affinity for the animal kingdom makes deciding what animal he would like to be difficult, but he would probably be an elephant. He loves their loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature.