Bobby Lafferty

Chief Technology Officer

Before he found his passion for hemp, Bobby wanted to be an English/theatre professor! Instead, he ended up attending the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to study gastronomy. He helped develop the concept for multiple restaurants and their menus in Washington D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina. His culinary experience has given him an in-depth understanding of extraction and bonding. Bobby has also developed multiple inventory control systems that have increased profitability.

Bobby has a great knowledge of flavor profiles and cannabinoid content. This gives him the know-how to create a flavorful, natural extraction process that’s still effective.

Bobby loves being in the cannabis industry because he thinks it’s a way of helping people help themselves.

He personally uses CBD to prevent seizures and has several family members who take it for anxiety. Other members of his family take it for aches and pains. Because of the power of this plant, Bobby can avoid taking 16 pills a day! He’s witnessed CBD stop everything from panic attacks to migraines.

Bobby is a family man with five kids: four boys and one girl. In his spare time, Bobby loves music! He plays several instruments, but the guitar is his favorite. He can even beatbox! If Bobby could be any animal, he would choose to be a Giant Panda. He loves how they are a juxtaposition of strong yet peaceful and powerful yet reserved.