Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller

Director of Cultivation

After growing up in New York City, Barbara’s passion for hemp took off when she moved to Virginia. Not only did living there allow her to have as many animals as she wanted, but it also gave her the opportunity to grow anything she wanted. First on her list? Hemp, of course!

Barbara loves living in a place where the air is clear and she can always hear the birds, cows, and donkeys around her. The kindness of the people around her also makes her love calling Virginia home!

Barbra is an environmentalist. One of her main goals to make a difference in the world now that will last long into the future. She believes she can do that through environmental practices and activism. Barbara is passionate about many things from food to movies to music to languages. Although she’s always loved traveling, she’s also content to stick around home. Throwing amazing parties for her friends and neighbors is one of her favorite pastimes!

As a nature and animal lover, it’s hard for her to decide what type of animal she would be, but she thinks she would be a bird. Imagine the incredible views you’d get from a bird’s-eye view!