About Us

Making waves in the cannabis industry.

About Halcyon Holdings

Halcyon Holdings, LLC was established on June 6, 2019 as a Kentucky Limited Liability Company (“LLC”), to create a portfolio of brands that will transform the global cannabis economy and ecosystem.

The team is comprised of world-class business leaders in product formulation, healthcare, agriculture, finance, sports and hospitality. Halcyon has entered the market through the manufacture and production of big-pharma products derived from industrial hemp extractions.


About Halcyon Holdings’ Extraction Process

Halcyon Holdings has introduced a revolutionary new extraction method that is taking the CBD world by storm. This proprietary extraction process is patent pending. You can’t get it from any other CBD company! Many people think all CBD oils on the market are exactly the same. But actually, that’s not true. Here’s why Halcyon Holdings’ CBD extraction process is so special.

Halcyon Holdings is already known for its innovative products in industries like agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, and others. Now it can add this CBD extraction method as one of its greatest accomplishments! Our goal with this extraction method is to give people the highest quality CBD oil that offers maximum benefits. No other extraction method that’s on the market today can provide the same amount of goodness that Halcyon Holdings can.


Full-Spectrum CBD with Superior Benefits You Won’t Get Anywhere Else!

Halcyon Holdings’ special method gives consumers access to the full-spectrum CBD oil you crave. We preserve all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll. Because this oil contains every part of the plant, CBD-users can experience the entourage effect. People can only experience this effect when their CBD is full of all these parts of the cannabis plant. Why mess with nature’s perfection?

Most people know about the many health and wellness benefits that CBD provides. However, they overlook other beneficial cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. There are over 100 other cannabinoids, and each one of them can offer you a different benefit. There are also over 200 terpenes.

Why would anyone pay for CBD oil that isolates just one compound of the cannabis plant? There are so many other good parts of the plant! With CBD from Halcyon Holdings, consumers still get to keep the terpene and flavonoid profiles. Even if someone takes every component of the plant individually, they still won’t get the same intense benefits they enjoy from full-spectrum CBD.


Transparent on What Goes In (And What Doesn’t)

Halcyon Holdings has a reputation for transparency. Consumers know exactly what goes in—and doesn’t go in—their products. Consumers don’t have to worry about getting useless or even harmful additives like they might get from some other oils.

If someone is seeking out a natural alternative to wellness, they shouldn’t have to worry about additives. Consumers can feel good about the simple, all-natural ingredients in the CBD oil from Halcyon Holdings. Our company always wants to provide only the best of the best when it comes to CBD oil. We have nothing to hide!

Some CBD companies can deliver great high-quality products, but they’re inconsistent. CBD-users never really know what elements of the cannabis plant have been left intact. With oil from Halcyon Holdings, all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and chlorophyll intact. Users get to experience the natural benefits of CBD!


Solvent-Free Extraction for Everyone’s Peace of Mind

Other companies use solvents or other additives in their extraction methods. This is problematic not just for the consumer but also for the environment. Solvents quickly pollute the air and put plant and animal life in danger.

Halcyon Holdings is very conscious about the effect they might have on the environment. They care about minimizing negative effects on the planet, but they also believe no one should have to compromise on the quality of a product to do that. Halcyon Holdings never uses solvents.

When a company uses a solvent for hydrocarbon extraction, there will often be residual solvents in the CBD oil. These solvents can sometimes be toxic and even increase the user’s risk of cancer. Some products will also contain traces of petroleum. Halcyon Holdings believes using solvents simply isn’t worth the risk. That’s why they are never part of their extraction method!


Giving Everyone Access to Superior CBD Oil

Other CBD companies that have similar extraction processes don’t have the ability to produce CBD at the scale that Halcyon Holdings does! Halcyon Holdings can produce a large amount of this special CBD oil so that as many people as possible have access to these highly effective products.

The equipment Halcyon Holdings is currently manufacturing will ensure that even more people can experience this superior extraction process. This equipment would increase production to about 300 gallons per day with 8% to 10% finished full-plant extract oil. This means Halcyon Holdings could also process 1,650 pounds of top-shelf high-end industrial hemp flower!

This method of extraction is more cost-effective and eco-friendly compared to its alternatives. It will cost the same amount to build five to ten of these facilities that other companies are paying to build just one facility. Halcyon Holdings gets to pass these savings right along to the consumer. And the CBD that comes from their facility is superior in every way possible!

Halcyon Holdings’ scaled production facilities will be placed throughout the country. This gives small local farmers more control over their cannabis crops from seed to shelf. They’ll have access to our on-site lab for testing as well as our private label program and distribution channels. Halcyon Holdings gives farmers peace of mind that their crop is always being handled with the utmost care and respect.


Beyond CBD: Extracting Other Culinary Delicacies

Halcyon Holdings believes that their extraction method could also be used for natural oils in the cooking industry. By using carrier oils, they can contribute to processing ghee, butters, coconut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and more! The results will be the best most flavorful oils using industrial hemp flower, turmeric and ginger root, eucalyptus, Guajillo peppers, and rosemary. Consumers of these products will get to experience solvent-free natural goodness!


Find Out More About the Superiority of Halcyon Holdings’ CBD Extraction

CBD-users can truly get the best quality CBD from Halcyon Holdings without compromising on the quality of the results or ethics of the company’s methods. Everyone can have both!

Halcyon Holdings offers the most potent and sustainable option for CBD possible thanks to its superior extraction method. To learn more about these special products, contact Halcyon Holdings today!