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Making waves with our Technology

About Us

Halcyon Technology Holdings was established with the goal of transforming the emerging cannabis sector.

By introducing LipidBond technology, we will provide a path for companies of all sizes to produce hemp-based products more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, yielding higher-quality products in the process. Halcyon has developed technology that enables the most efficient method of CBD processing available today.

 “Extraction” is the standard approach and terminology, however, in terms of efficacy our process is better than extraction. We refer to it as “full-plant fusion,” a phrase coined to describe a method completely new to the industry. Rather than extracting or isolating cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) from the hemp plant only to infuse them into a carrier oil (typically hemp seed or coconut), LipidBond uses water, heat and pressure to bond the plant matter with oil at the molecular level in a single step. The result is that no beneficial compounds are lost or wasted in the process; the benefits of the full plant remain intact.

This LipidBond technology can bond any botanical with any lipid, presenting vast opportunities for not only the cannabis industry, but other verticals such as bonded culinary oils, nutriceuticals, cosmetics, and even pharmaceuticals including psilocybin research. Halcyon Technologies is in negotiations with dozens of partners on each of these fronts.

In 2021 Halcyon completed its processing facility outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and earned our certification as a USDA Organic operation. Our team is currently showing LipidBond technology at trade shows like the White Label World Expo and have secured contracts for white labeling our CBD oil, including with National Geographic TV’s Dr. Oakley for a line of pet products, as well as licensing LipidBond technology for other companies in the sector. We have also finalized packaging and collateral to launch Benchmark, our signature brand of CBD oil and products, which will be sold at independent pharmacies nationwide.

The LipidBond™ difference.

In addition to the cannabis industry, this process is making waves in the cosmetic, culinary, pharmaceutical, and food industries!