Onuhkwat Hemp Products

Onuhkwat is wholly owned and operated by Oneida Tribal members and a Chiricahua Apache member. We are located on the Oneida Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. It is our mission to address the grave health disparities amongst our communities. Just in our community, we understand the disproportionate occurrences of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, chronic liver disease, influenza and pneumonia. We believe our CBD products may benefit some of the individuals suffering from symptoms associated with these diseases, as well as a plethora of additional ailments.

We were given the Oneida word “Onuhkwat” meaning, “Medicine” in our language, to illustrate and describe who we are and what it is our products represent. We went through proper cultural protocols to get the name and meaning for our company. Preserving our language and culture is very important to us and using our language whenever possible helps continue our ways for the next 7 generations.

By partnering with Halcyon Holdings Onuhkwat believes that we will be better able to address the CBD needs in Indian Country. We are humbled and honored to partner with Halcyon Holdings, and look forward to introducing their organic, patent-pending technology to Indian Country