Hatfield McCoy

Halcyon Holdings has Secured an Exclusive Partnership with The Hatfield & McCoy brand.

Halcyon Holdings will market and sell this globally recognized brand in the category of Hemp and CBD Oil products. Benchmark Nutriceuticals will manufacture the extracted CBD Oil for this brand. The Hatfield & McCoy Mountain Legacy line will offer a variety of Fresh Baked Edibles, Tincture Oils, Topical Lotions, and Smokable Hemp. This line of products will be sold at wholesale to stores such as Bass Pro Shop, Cracker Barrel, Kroger, Whole Foods, CVS Pharmacy, and other large volume big box retail networks.

Hatfield McCoy Mountain Legacy +Frontline

“+Frontline” is a brand extension under Hatfield McCoy Mountain Legacy to create medical products that are in short supply due to COVID-19. These +Frontline products contain NO CBD, and these products are only being produced to provide relief to areas affected by these disinfectant shortages.

Hatfield McCoy Mountain Legacy started “+Frontline” after realizing they had the resources and connections to produce a superior AntiMicrobial Disinfectant in massive quantities. With the current shortage of disinfectant, this plan went straight into action.

Hatfield McCoy Mountain Legacy +Frontline