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Transforming the Cannabis Ecosystem

If someone is seeking out a natural alternative to wellness, they shouldn’t have to worry about additives. Consumers can feel good about the simple, all-natural ingredients in the CBD products from Halcyon’s partners and companies. However Halcyon wants to expand this beacon of transparency and totally transform the cannabis ecosystem. 

To do this Halcyon Holdings is building out scaled processing and testing facilities throughout the country. This gives small local farmers more control over their cannabis crops, and forwards the initiative to give everyone access to All-Natural Full-Spectrum CBD.

Bringing the best minds together

Our team is comprised of world-class business leaders in product formulation, healthcare, education, healthcare, education, chemical analysis, agriculture, branding, product development, finance and hospitality.

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Benchmark Nutriceuticals CBD Extraction equipment

Incredible Extraction Process

Benchmark and their team of experienced technology and hemp experts have created a proprietary, patent-pending, completely green, one-step extraction process that naturally unlocks the pure potential of the plant. Using all-natural ingredients and heat, their process is solvent-less, resulting in a clean, consistent, non-toxic product, activated for maximum user benefit.

CBD Flower Harvest at Crescere Farm

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Benchmark’s proprietary, patent-pending process eliminates all harmful solvents or additives, while leaving cannabinoids…

In times of crisis, businesses often need to pivot. Some do it for their own survival. And others do it to save those around them. This week…

Industry News

Following the reasoning in the Pharmanex case, CBD isolate may be subject to the Drug Exclusion Rule, but processed hemp, such as full- and broad-spectrum hemp extracts, may not.

he past several years have seen extensive debate about the legal status of cannabidiol (CBD). Is it legal? Was it ever a controlled substance? How is it regulated?

Leading researchers in the USA will check the effectiveness of whole-plant versus single-extract CBD under a $9 million project aimed at enlightening consumers and doctors.

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